Think Insurance …. Think Not

Think Insurance


After 10 years with Road Runner Insurance I decided to shop around and see what new deals were available and I came across Think Insurance who gave me a very competitive quote which I decided to take up and everything was going fine till my renewal date when I received a letter to confirm my details were the same and that would I want to carry on with them, which I said yes and never heard anything back.

The shocking thing is that two months later I contacted Think Insurance to get a copy of my insurance certificate as I needed to tax one of our cars at the beginning of the month to find out that they never did renew my policy and they said that I never said I wanted to carry on with them??

So to my horror I had been driving around for two months unaware that I was not covered !!

On contacting Think Insurance the customer service about this problem I have never been treated so unhelpfully by the most un-cooperative customer support manager who simply said not our fault you should have checked …. but he said we you can take out a new policy but the bad news it had nearly doubled in price?? …. At this point I told him where to put his new policy and then contacted my old motor trades insurance company Road Runner who matched my old quotation and things got sorted and with a very nice customer service agent.

So be aware when you deal with Think Insurance ….. They do not Think about their customers …. you have to Think for yourself and not rely on their customer service.






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