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conviction insure

The number of people issued fines for speeding issued by the courts has risen to its highest levels in four years amid the rollout of a new generation of digital speed camera’s.

In 2014 for more than 115,000 motorists in England and Wales were issued with fines of at least £100 by magistrates. In Avon & Somerset the number increased 34% and in Essex it rose higher up by 44% on the previous year.

The association of British drivers said there was little evidence that speed cameras actually reduce road accidents and suggested that speeding tickets were now simply being used as a “cash cow”

Lewis Baker of Conviction Insure said “Times are tough for motorists these days and they’re being hit in the pockets right across board, we are looking to help those with a motoring or non-motoring conviction find the most competitive premiums available from a panel of over 20 insurers”

A knock on effect of this whole debacle is increased costs for motor insurance. While insurers have always taken the view that to have ANY conviction motoring or not sees you being a greater risk to insurers whether morally or from a driving capability point of view the sheer volume of speeding tickets and resultant fines have made the industry have to review this stance.

While it’s fair to say that most insurers will try and look not to penalise drivers who may simply have an SP30 (Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road) it’s also fair to say this isn’t industry wide.

For the more serious of the most common offences SP50 (exceeding the speed limit on a motorway), IN10 (Using an uninsured vehicle), CD10 (Driving without due care & attention) or DR10 (Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit) the insurance industry will penalise customers with increased costs or decline to quote altogether.



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