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European drinking limits

Worldwide Drinking Limits

In the run up to the winter period, the amount we drink increases a lot from normal. With pubs and markets stocking up on festive alcoholic drinks including the very famous mulled wine, along with other spirits like whiskey and brandy. Surrounding Christmas day is Christmas Eve, Boxing day and of course, New Year’s Eve […]

Best Instagrammers to Follow for Car Lovers

@carthrottle = 416k followers Car Throttle are one of the world’s biggest online car communities, with around 5 million fans on Facebook, 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and of course, 416k followers on Instagram. This page reposts the best car images on the internet and allows you to send in your videos whether it’s humorous […]

conviction insure

Conviction insurance

The number of people issued fines for speeding issued by the courts has risen to its highest levels in four years amid the rollout of a new generation of digital speed camera’s. In 2014 for more than 115,000 motorists in England and Wales were issued with fines of at least £100 by magistrates. In Avon […]

Think Insurance …. Think Not

  After 10 years with Road Runner Insurance I decided to shop around and see what new deals were available and I came across Think Insurance who gave me a very competitive quote which I decided to take up and everything was going fine till my renewal date when I received a letter to confirm […]

Insurance for Disabled Drivers

Disabled drivers have always had difficulty in obtaining a policy from the mainstream insurers, and although they have bucked up their ideas since the Disability Discrimination Act came into force, their lack of expertise with modified and disabled adapted vehicles can often leave them struggling to compete on price or quality of service. Whilst Motability […]

Four Wheel Drive Insurance

We can offer high quality, low cost 4WD car insurance covering everything from ex-MOD Land Rovers to imported Pajeros, including pick up insurance, modified, Q-plated vehicles, kit 4x4s, classic off-roaders, SUVs and luxury models. And green laning and off-roading use is included as standard on most policies. We can also offer owner’s club and limited […]

Modified Car Insurance

Cheaper Modified Car Insurance If you drive a modded car, you’ll know how hard it can be to find a modified car insurance company that will cover you. And if you are a younger driver too, then you’ll have the insurers rubbing their grubby hands with glee when they hear your age. And if you […]

Car Insurance from a Specialists

Whatever car you drive, you will know that most car insurance companies are just waiting for an excuse to send your premium shooting through the roof. And whether it’s your age, or the fact you drive a high performance car, or your driving history, or because they say you live in the ‘wrong’ place, they […]

Insurance for Classic Cars

Insurance for Classic Cars What constitutes a classic car can sometimes be a matter for dispute, but you will find that we have a broader definition than most of our competitors, which includes cars as young as 5 years old. We could arrange great cover whether your car is a Vauxhall VX220, Austin Seven or […]

Classic Car Insurance

A classic car as special as yours deserves a special kind of insurance policy. That’s where Adrian Flux could help. With over 40 years experience in arranging insurance for every car imaginable – and some you probably couldn’t imagine – we can tailor a classic car policy as unique as your vehicle. We know that […]